We make it fly

Science > Intelligence > Strategy > Communication

Consulting and substantial support in New Space, tourism, biomedicine, biotechnology and health care.

Intelligence in New Space, medicine and biotechnology for investment decisions.

Access, organization and support in the utilization of flight platforms (research flights, suborbital and orbital space flight) for research, development, production and for private participants.

Embedded in the innovation ecosystem of the
UZH Space Hub and the Technopark Liechtenstein.

The «Space Dinosaurs»

Together we have more than 130 years of professional experience in space, medicine, biotechnology, tourism, communications, management, and entrepreneurship. We have led 18 R&D space missions, 17 parabolic flight missions, and supported many commercial projects in space. We have in-depth knowledge, experience, and large national and international networks. We are fast, efficient and we always find a solution.

We are used to achieve the best possible results under the greatest difficulties, massive constraints, and dangerous risks. We work with experience, precision, redundancy and the greatest possible safety for our customers and partners.

We are the spearhead and the rock.

We go beyond, far beyond.


Star Sailors AG

Schaanerstrasse 27

9490 Vaduz

Principality of Liechtenstein

Phone +423 777 33 45



UID CHE-367.285.369


Chief Executive Officer: Natalie Dové

Chairman of the Board:
Oliver Ullrich, Prof. mult. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat.